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  • Dustmark in Rio

    Dustmark in Rio

    I was invited to show Staubmarke (Dustmark) in Rio De Janeiro at the exhibition Existencia Numerica curated by Barbara Castro, Doris Kosminsky, and Luiz Ludwig. We created two dustmarks at Pontifical Catholic University and Rio de Janeiro State University.

  • Ozone Tattoo

    Ozone Tattoo

    Partners: Dr. Vehram Elagoz, Lesley University, Dr. Kent Burkey, USDA ARS Maryland Among other issues, climate change leads to an increase in ground-level ozone, a pollutant with harmful impacts on plants, animals, and humans. Ozone tattoo is an autographic visualization project that uses ozone-sensitive plants as bio-indicators to visualize ozone pollution. Ozone tattoos are damage patterns on…

  • Staubmarke (Dustmark)

    Staubmarke (Dustmark)

    Staubmarke is a public space installation for the Drehmoment Festival in Stuttgart – a city affected by airborne particulate matter pollution.  Controversies between public health advocates, the city, and the local industry often manifest in disputes about proper methods of measurement and the veracity of citizen-collected data. The project visualizes air pollution by calling attention to the patina on the…